October 8, 2011

The Advantages of Being 40+ Weeks Pregnant

Being overdue can really suck. Let’s face it. It’s pretty much like being a kid on Christmas morning. You wake up, realize it’s Christmas, run down the stairs expecting to find all kinds of awesome, when you really find someone sitting there that says, “Hey kid, not today; but don’t be discouraged. It could happen anytime within the next two weeks.”

On my due date, Mr. BBM sent me for a 1 hour pregnancy massage. It was all kinds of wonderful. I told her to hit any accupressure points that would help bring labor on and she did. She said that if it works, it would happen within 48 hours. It’s been more than 48 hours now. . . and nothing.

In an effort to keep a positive attitude, I’ve come up with a list of advantages to being overdue. Yes, you heard me. . . advantages. Believe it or not, there are some.

No one expects pretty much anything of you. What they do expect is that you will be a complete and total couch potato. Also, frequent naps are no longer frowned upon as laziness. They are necessary. I mean, who’s really going to wake a sleeping giant, especially one who is over-due?

There’s no need to find a coaster when you’re hanging out on the couch with a good book. Your belly makes a fine table-top. Also, it’s a great book prop. If I could just get the baby to use his feet to turn the pages, I’d be in major business.

I never have to look around for the remote. In fact, it’s right under my chin, pretty much all the time.

There’s no need for a table for the popcorn when watching a movie with the family. The belly also serves as a wonderful TV tray.

No time to find a table to write on when taking a quick phone message? No problem.

You don’t need to worry about belly button lint. Heck, you don’t have to worry about even having one anymore. There’s just a funny stretched out area where the belly button used to live, sort of like the artist formerly known as Prince. The skin formerly known as a belly button. . .

You can be as grumpy and miserable as you want to be, and lash out at anyone you want to without consequences. Who’s going to argue with a pregnant person who is about to burst? Unless they’re a complete idiot, no one.

Finally, tonight I’m going to Big I’s swim meet. Think I won’t have my pick of where to sit? Leg room too? That’s right. Who would be stupid enough to sit anywhere near someone who looks like me?

Miserable? Check.

Likely to have my water break all over you? Check.

I can pretty much clear a room, or at least a section on the bleachers big enough to accommodate me and any mess I might make. Besides the mess part, there aren’t that many people who want to be near me when they might have to help deliver a baby. And I happen to like my own personal space. It’s definitely a huge advantage.

Finally, when people ask you when you’re due and you say, “two days ago,” there’s no shortage of compliments on how amazing you look. I mean, if you’re two days overdue and you’re out in public, you’re practically a super hero. It’s nice to be admired (pitied. . . whatever).

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