March 22, 2010

Lucky Number Three

Last night at dinner, Lil C was swinging her legs back and forth, when the very tip of her shoe hit the very spot where I'm pretty sure the screw is backing out of my tibia. It hurt lots.

Today I called my surgeon. After watching this health care bill pass, I figured I had better do it now before I have a five year wait for surgery.

The person answering the phone asked me if I had seen him before. I explained that I was pretty much a "regular" and then she asked me about my symptoms.

"Well, I can see something round and hard coming out of the incision area. I'm pretty sure it's the screw."

And that, my friends, is how you get an appointment this week. 

In advance of Friday, I'm going to need to check out my schedule to see when I can fit an actual surgery into my schedule. I can't imagine my appointment will be any other way. I doubt there's a magic cream you can rub on a screw to make it disappear. Clearly, hoping and praying hasn't worked and neither has staring at it and willing it to "be gone."

I'd really like for number three to be the lucky number and for this whole knee ordeal to be over.
I can think of few things in my life that I would actually go back and change. I don't have many regrets about things. But going to karate that night, planting that foot and throwing that roundhouse kick? That's a big regret. How I wish I had been feeling guilty about not going to class that night from the comfort of my sofa at home. This ordeal has gone on entirely too long.

Here's hoping that Friday is the beginning of the end of it.

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