October 14, 2011

41 Weeks and Counting

Ok, so at the most, this can only go on for seven more days. My induction is scheduled for the 20th. An end is in sight. I have to keep reminding myself of that. It helps to fend off the misery, the back pain, the pressure, the “nothing fits me anymore” business.

So does this:

Can you see what I see? Two closed little eyes, a squished nose in between and a little arm that is across the mouth and smashing into his little nose.

Today at the amniotic fluid index ultrasound, everything was 100% fine. He has plenty of fluid in there. He’s perfectly comfy and cozy. He may or may not be eating his arm. Once they were done measuring fluid, they moved in for the “fun” shots of his face. In 2D, they were pointing things out to me and asking me if I could see them. Honestly, it looked like a profile picture of Jesus with a long pointy and curled witch nose and possibly a beard. I told them so. They moved to 4D and it suddenly became clear what I was looking at; and boy was that part fun. Right away, I said, “He looks like Sassy!” and my Mom, who was there with me, agreed. The techs think that he is also bald. Usually hair shows up white on the 4D ultrasounds and nothing showed up on his head at all. This will be my second bald kid if that’s the case.

After the ultrasound was over, I went upstairs for the non-stress test. Right away, there were accelerations. In fact, there were so many that they just needed me to stay on a little longer in order to get a minute of baseline. I told my Mom he was so active because he is in there lining the exit with sandbags. He’s definitely cozy and not willing to come out.

I’ve been having lots of contractions since last night, many that have continued throughout the day. I’m trying not to get my hopes up and am instead just going with the flow. Yesterday, I considered going the castor oil route. Today, I decided it’s not worth it. He’ll come when he’s ready, or he’ll come when they induce me next week. For now, he’s healthy and I’m managing the best I can. That’s all I can ask for. I know the midwives think that ultrasounds are largely unnecessary; but I have to say, seeing that little face today gave me a definite mood boost. He’ll be here soon; I can wait.

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