October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sassy

On Tuesday, Sassy turned 6. Where does the time go? My current “baby” has turned into such a big girl in the past couple months. She went from being a shy little girl who didn’t want to talk to anyone, to being super talkative and out-going. She is so her mama’s child.  She is notorious for making friends with waitresses and cashiers. She has no problem raising her hand and talking to her teacher at school.

When she started Kindergarten this year, I was worried. In our district, it’s full day and it’s a long one. I was worried that she wouldn’t handle it well; but she has thrived. By the end of the week, she is definitely exhausted and minding the long days and getting up in the morning; but she is doing so well. She takes books to school and reads them to her class. She’s been working so hard at learning how to read. The way she picks things up just amazes me. She has such a love of learning; and it’s transferred into the pool too.

A month ago, Sassy started swimming in the club program where her sister swims. One of the youngest of the group, she is holding her own. She can do all four strokes (not entirely legally yet, but she’s getting there); she’s learned how to dive and she wants to go three times a week despite the fact that I was initially only going to take her once or twice. She adores her coaches and thinks of them as not only that, but also as friends. She is constantly telling them “knock-knock” jokes, relaying what she did in school that day, or telling them some other imaginative story.

It is nearly impossible not to just love her, because she is such a sweetheart. This past month has been tough for me, because I’ve lost my shopping and hanging out buddy. She was always up for going grocery shopping with me; she is always helping me out. Two weeks ago, I came home to find her standing in the laundry room, folding clothes. I can’t crack an egg in this house without her offering to help me cook. I have little doubt that I will have a “little Mommy” in the house as soon as this baby is born.

A week ago, I was complaining that Mr. BBM never rubs my feet anymore. I got the star treatment when I was pregnant with Big I; but 10 years and 3rd pregnancies don’t warrant the kind of foot-rubbing action I would like. Two seconds later, Sassy was asking Mr. BBM to get down the lotion from the shelf so she could rub my feet for me.

She is an absolute doll, and I just know that she is going to be an amazing big sister to this little guy (if he ever decides to show up). She is already talking about how she’s going to read him books. I swear that is half of the reason she has taken such an interest in learning how to read all of a sudden. She is always thinking about others.

I know that when this baby is born, Sassy is going to look like a giant to me, the same way Big I looked to me when I had Sassy. But inside, she will always be my baby girl. Happy 6th Birthday Sassy! With every year, you’re more awesome than the year before and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds.

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