February 20, 2009

Family Plagues and Tissue Lint

You can tell when this family has been through a plague. Tissues follow Lil C around like a dusty dirt cloud that just won't quit. Medicine cups are constantly being ground up in the garbage disposal. My personal favorite? I've been washing and drying a lot of tissues lately. Tissue lint is always good for making a fashion statement.

Yesterday I went to campus and when I began talking to my class, they looked at me strangely. "I know," I told them, "from now until the foreseeable future you're just going to have to deal with the fact that your teacher now has a man voice." I seriously could pass for Barry White right about now. It's not a comparison I ever hoped for.

I've been on a healthy cycle of Nyquil at night followed by coffee to help it wear off in the morning. Also, inhaling said coffee steam to help with the congestion. While Mr. BBM and Big I have moved on from the sickness, Lil C and I have the head and chest cold that just won't quit. We're sick of canceling playdates, but we know it's not polite to share our germs. I wanted to be back in the dojo by now. It's going to have to wait until I can breathe a little better.

Every year, within a few weeks of my birthday, I start getting sick. By the time I'm better, my allergies have kicked it into high gear and I'm miserable until June and beyond. My Mom is an RN and works at an Allergy/Asthma office. She's been pesting me to get tested for years. Getting tested though, involves needles, lots and lots of needles, and the one time I made the appointment, I chickened out and canceled.

This year though, I think I'm just going to have to go through with it. My clothes can't take being covered in tissues anymore. I'd like to be able to breathe through my nose before June.

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