November 9, 2008


I hate moving. Inevitably, something goes missing. Inevitably, it's always something important. No, I couldn't be missing the box that contains old college textbooks. Those boxes are all accounted for. And it's not another miscellaneous box full of baby toys either.

I'm missing two boxes to be exact.

I'm missing my very small and carefully labeled box with St. Joseph in it. I'm also missing my box that contains all my curtain rod brackets and picture framing hardware. I'm starting to suspect that St. Joseph wasn't really happy about being packed up temporarily and that he decided to mess with me a bit. Taking my curtain hardware would do just that.

I'd like to let St. Joseph know that I have big plans for him, and that I have a place of honor picked out where everyone will see him so I'll be able to tell the story about how he helped us sell our house and thereby increase everyone's faith. But I can't do that unless I find him, and find him, I can't.

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