May 8, 2008

Make It Happen

We have one week before we need to ask our builder for yet another contingency extension.  Although I swore I would leave it up to St. Joseph, I can’t deny the stress I’m feeling right now.  It’s time for this to happen.  If they don’t break ground soon, then we won’t be in our new home by the time the new school year starts.  With switching schools being traumatic enough, I really don’t want to make Big I start school at her new place late.  There are other options here, like her staying with my Mom who lives in that school district, but the most desirable outcome is to be in our new house in August. 

I had a thought today.  I emailed my realtor and told him I’d like to make an offer on my own house.  I’d like to offer $1.  I’ll even put 50% of that down in the form of hand money.  Does that count?  Can he now go tell the realtor with the very-interested-but-still-dragging-their-feet-people that there is another offer to make them move?  I’m tired of waiting; these people are killing me and if they think for one second that they’re going to get our place at a bargain (which it already is) just because they made us wait, they can forget it.  I’m getting more annoyed with every day that passes and they continue to ask stupid questions that we’ve already answered previously instead of just putting it in writing.  An annoyed BBM is not likely to be kind with a counter-offer.  An annoyed BBM is not likely to be kind, period.

It baffles me that they won’t put it on paper (It also baffles me as to why David Archuleta’s ears always seem to be backlit during his performances on American Idol, but that’s for another post). When we saw this house, we fell in love. We went one day, saw it for a second time the next day and put an offer in that night.  If they love it as much as they say they do, then put it in writing already!

We’re not desperate to move.  In fact, Mr. BBM will tell you that he’s quite content to just stay here now that we have a new kitchen floor, new carpet, and a freshly stained deck.  It feels and looks new, especially with the way I’ve been cleaning and organizing. I, however, don’t want to lose my new house, which is right now a grassy lot, a grassy lot where I’ve already chosen my colors, built my house, moved in, take jacuzzi baths, and have hosted Christmas festivities.  I’m so attached to that lot and my imagined house that I think I will die of jealousy if someone else gets that lot and builds their house on it instead of me building mine.

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