March 26, 2008

Second Showings and Death

Today we had another second showing at our house.  It was our realtor showing our house.  When his assistant told me that he was bringing a woman who had been at our Open House a few weeks ago, I got excited.  One of the women who came to our open house told our realtor she loved this house and said, "I could definitely see myself living here."  I thought it was her.

It wasn’t.

The woman who visited our house today is 62 years old and came to our Open House with her 91 year old mother.  While her mother explored our house with the assistance of her cane, the 62-year old woman, proceeded to tell our realtor that she was looking for a house for her and her 68 year old friend.  There’s a catch though.  She’s not buying a house for herself and her friend until her mother dies.  She said this in front of her 91 year old mother. 

So you can imagine my shock when it was this woman getting out of her car today.  My realtor had called ahead and told us to not even bother leaving for the showing.  As he walked this woman down the stairs to our front door, he mouthed the words, "Just stay. No reason to go.  This woman is NOT going to buy your house." 

As he finished mouthing these words to me, the woman introduced herself and asked if I minded if she video-taped my house so she could show it to her would-be roommate.  I gave her permission.  I figured, what are the chances of her showing it to some 60 year old thugs who might come rob my house?  While she walked around the house, our Realtor told us the story again, about how she’s waiting for her mother to die.  Then he added that her mother currently has pneumonia and is in the hospital.  I refuse to wish for someone’s death in order to get an offer on my house. 

As the woman left our house, she reiterated that our house is her favorite and the circumstances under which she would buy it.  I’m imaging this sales agreement with a contingency that the sale will take place "on the date of the buyer’s mothers death."  How insane is that?  I mean, why is she even out looking for homes?  I can’t believe I cleaned all morning for that.

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