August 25, 2006

Black Belt Mama’s Challenge

I completely missed my 100th post.  It was last week sometime.  I had been watching for it, and then I completely forgot about it.  So, here is post 105 or 106 or something.  Apparently I had a lot to say in the last week or so. 

Lots of bloggers make a big deal out of their 100th post, pointing readers to previous posts before most readers even knew they existed, or paying tribute to their faithful readers.  I wanted to do something different.  Of course, feel free to read my archives anytime, but I wanted to do something for us both. 

I came up with an idea, and this post serves as the official launch for "Black Belt Mama’s Challenge". The challenge is simple.  I am challenging each and every one of my readers, and anyone else who might be interested, to change at least one thing in their life to improve their physical fitness.  I personally find it very difficult to stay motivated to continue working out (despite the fact that many of you used to say how motivating I was).  I know what I should be doing; I think about what I should be doing, but I don’t do it.  Other things get in the way.  Excuses pile up and what needs to be done doesn’t get done.

Usually I wait until three months before my beach vacation and decide I need to get moving on that ab work out.  This year, I’m starting now with an overall goal of continuing with the process.  I plan on having my goals evolve and change as I reach new ones.  It’s not all about looking good either; it’s about feeling good.  This isn’t an Extreme Makeover.  This is about making gradual changes that enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Here’s how it works:

1.  Create a personal goal.  Your goal can be as simple as "start taking the stairs instead of the elevator" at work, or go to the gym once a week.  Something, anything, that will make a positive impact on your physical fitness and life.  If you don’t go to the gym at all, don’t make a goal to go to the gym five days a week.  It’s not going to happen.  Start with something small.  You can always add to it later.

2.  Create a plan.  How are you going to accomplish your goals?  If your goal is to take a walk every day, figure out what time you’re going to go, where you’re going to walk, etc.  If you have a planned time and place, it’s more likely you’ll actually follow through.

3.  Write about it.  Post your goal and your plan for all to see.  Keep track of your progress and post on your blog on in a personal journal every once in a while.  If your goal is to tone your arms, take a picture now and plan on taking pictures as you work towards your goals.  It will help keep you motivated (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).   Consider adding a category to your blog where you will keep all your entries regarding the challenge so that other participants can find your entries easily. 

4.  Get the code.  I made a button for the occasion.  Put the button somewhere in the sidebar on your blog and then let me know it’s there via a comment or an email (black-belt-mama @ hotmail dot com) or just click on the "email me" link on the upper left sidebar.  Once I verify that you are indeed taking the BBM Challenge and have your button up, I will add you to the BBM Challenge blogroll.  The blogroll will include all BBM Challenge participants so that we can stop by each other’s sites and help each other reach our goals.  I’ll also email you the code for the blogroll, so that you can have the participants at your fingertips.  The button will link to this entry so that others can see what you’re doing and join in the fun.  The code is below.  (Thank you Izzy for helping me with this!)


<p><a href="/black_belt_mama/2006/08/black_belt_mama.html"><img title="Bbmchallenge_1" height="15" alt="Bbmchallenge_1" src="/black_belt_mama/images/bbmchallenge_1.png" width="80" border="0" /></a> </p>

I think it will be a lot of fun and help all of us to reach our goals and make positive changes in our lives. 

So here’s how I’m challenging myself.

GOAL:  Tone muscles and get better at sparring.

PLAN:  Remember that sparring gear my husband and I were going to get each other for Christmas?  Christmas is now.  As soon as the equipment is in, I plan on sparring at least once a week at home.  O.k., let’s start with small reasonable goals: I plan on sparring ONCE a week at home.  If it happens more than that, great. But let’s be realistic here. . . I still need time to blog!  I also plan on doing some push-ups, sit-ups, and minor weight lifting to start with the muscle toning. 

My code is up!  My blogroll is just waiting for you!  Won’t you take the BBM Challenge?

Edited to Add:  This just in. . . participants in the BBM Challenge are eligible for a 5% discount coupon code for Everything Fitness.  They have everything from boxing gloves to yoga mats to heart rate monitors, so no matter what your personal goal is, they will be able to help. 

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