August 16, 2006

Rockstar Elimination: Week 7

My predicting skills are getting better, don’t you think?  Ryan gets the encore; I nail two out of three for the bottom three. . . I didn’t see Zayra going home before Patrice though. 

There were some unusual tidbits about the show tonight. 

  1. Supernova did their first live performance tonight.  They chose Dilana to front them for the song and she did a great job.  The song had the ability to be a little catchy. . . right up until the dancers came on stage that had to be loaners from Sir-Mix-A-Lot.  What was up with THAT? Has any rock band ever had dancers like that?  EVER?  Maybe I’m naive, but I always thought they saved the girls for AFTER the show, not during.  I thought that was Super Tacky, Supernova.  It may be eye candy for you, but it confuses the heck out of your audience.
  2. Have you ever noticed how singers who have accents lose their accents when they sing?  Have you noticed that Zayra doesn’t lose hers when she sings?  It’s sort of odd.  The really odd thing is that although she is from Puerto Rico, she sounds like she has more of a Russian accent.  Very odd, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing her. . . eventually. 
  3. Magni performed "Creep" tonight and I thought it was a little odd that he seemed so sad.  He sort of teared up at the end of the performance or it at least looked like he did.  Then, he looked over to the other contestants and Dilana and Storm were just bawling.  Last night, Magni said he didn’t remember much of what happened when he was in Vegas.  Do Storm and Dilana know something?  Why did he sing "Creep" with such feeling, such emotion and tear up at the end?  Was it simply that moving of a performance, or did something happen in Vegas that he’s hoping will stay in Vegas?  Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the rockstar mansion.  I wonder how his wife feels about how he had Patrice camped out on his lap with his arms around her at the end of the show.  If he was my husband, I’d be slightly disgruntled as in "you can find all your clothing and worldly possessions in our front yard MISTER".

And that wraps up this weeks Rockstar Supernova.  See all you crazy googlers next week!  Thanks for stopping by!

I know I don’t usually talk about any other TV shows but I am also a bit obsessed with Project Runway.  I’ve got an "OH NO THEY DIDN’T" for them this week.  People, I know Alison’s design was bad, but it was her second design.  She gave it her all and she DOES have talent.  I am simply in awe that Vincent was declared "in" instead of her.  Of course, producers do have a say in the judge’s decisions and Vincent is certainly more controversial than sweet, normal Alison.  NOT FAIR!

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