May 4, 2006

Revenge (of the work out and other stuff)

It is amazing that I am even attempting to write a post today.  Why?  Well, writing a post requires me to lift my lap top up, and move my arms.  Both of these activities are causing some serious pain today.  You know that work out?  The one that I did for about 15 minutes?  The one that involved push-ups?  Well, if I didn’t know any better, I would think I was in having a heart attack because my chest is KILLING me today, along with the arms. 

Doing that work out didn’t feel like a big deal when I was in the process.  The encouraging thing is that the work out didn’t really feel like anything and I’m sore, which means it was doing something it was supposed to be doing and I didn’t have to feel the pain. . . at least not immediately.   Lil C is taunting me because deep down she KNOWS I hurt.  She is even more determined than usual to stand on my lap and jump, jump, jump, jump, oh, and jump.  It is causing some serious discomfort today and I’m dreading tomorrow, because the second day is ALWAYS worse than the first day after a work out. 

Despite the fact that I can hardly move my upper body, I was tempted to use my martial arts for revenge today.  My family and I were taking a walk.  As Lil C and I were crossing the street, a car driven by a teenager came around a 20 mph corner at about 60 mph.  He had to skid to a stop.  He would have hit us had I not stopped in my tracks and pulled the stroller backwards.  And then, my daughters got a lesson in profanity like no other.  My husband, who had already crossed the street, started.  After my heart moved down from the nice little nook in my throat, I joined in as well.  Their car windows were open.  I know they heard every word.  They also heard the landscaper a half block down the street from where we were who also gave them an earful. 

Had the boys retorted in any way, shape or form, I seriously think I would have dragged the driver out of his window and practiced some kata.  I was SO upset.  Fortunately, I think the driver was a little shaken himself; and I sincerely hope that our little incident and subsequent name-calling extravaganza made him think a little about slowing down.  I came home from the walk and fired off an exasperated email to our township police department who I’m hoping will do something about this very dangerous street. 

I have never wanted to use what I’ve learned at karate for anything other than to protect myself and my children.  I’m not the type of person to walk around and say things like, "I could kick your you-know-what."  I am not an instigator in the physical sense; Never have been-never will be.  But, in my (what seems to be to teenagers) old age, I have often fantasized about teaching a teenager (or anybody acting like one) a lesson or two, especially the ones who drive across store parking lots like the lines are there as merely a suggestion.  Becoming a Mother opens and enlarges your heart; but it also enrages your temper against those who might do potential harm to your off-spring. 

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