Review FAQ

Q:  My company is looking for people to review our product(s).  How can we contact you?

A:  If you have a product that you’d like to have reviewed by one of The BBM Reviewers, please send an email to bbm at blackbeltmama dot com or black-belt-mama at hotmail dot com.

Q:  Where should we send the product?

A:  Until we check you out and make sure you’re not a stalker-psycho-serial-killer, we don’t want to put this information out there.  Please send us an email with your request and company info and website.  Once we know you’re legit, and we’re interested in reviewing your product, we’ll send you the appropriate contact information.

Q:  What types of products do you review?

A:  The BBM Reviewers will review just about anything, with preference going to books, music, movies, toys, video games, educational items, and (obviously) anything karate related.  Oh, also XJ8’s, Disney Dream Vacations. . . you know, general stuff.

Q:  If I provide one of the reviewers with a product, does it guarantee me a good review?

A:  No. That being said, The BBM Reviewers are not out to get anyone.  However, giving a black belt rating to every product we review would be silly and ruin our credibility.  We are objective and honest in our reviews.

Q:  I’d like to provide The BBM Review with some products; but I’d also like to provide some give-away products?  Will you help me do this?

A:  Absolutely.  There’s nothing we’d like more than to be able to reward our loyal readers.  Bring it ON!

Q:  I prefer to have a certain writer review our product?  Can we choose our reviewer?

A:  For the most part, yes.  We try to match up products with the best possible reviewers for the product.  We sometimes have two reviewers write about the same product to give two different points of view.  We’d be happy to do this as well.

Q:  Our company is not in the United States?  Is that a problem?

A:  Not at all.  One of our reviewers happens to live in jolly old England.  As long as you don’t mind paying shipping, we don’t mind reviewing your products.

Q:  Do you charge for reviews?

A:  We do not charge for reviews.  We sometimes get “paid” with gift cards in an amount of no interest to the IRS, and/or receive free products. However, we don’t enter agreements with any company or organization who requires us to write positive reviews. We tell it like it is here, and that’s why people read these reviews and trust them.

Q: Is it a problem if we send you a product that you have to send back to us?

A:  This is not at all a problem, provided that you provide the proper shipping products to send the product back, and that you also provide pre-paid shipping.  Lines at the post office stink and we can never find our mailing tape, so any help you can provide with making this process easier for us would be nice.

Q:  How many hits a day does your site receive?

A:  This greatly depends on the day, the lining up of the stars, and the ocean currents.  We are however, syndicated on Reuters, Nielson, and Computer Shopper among others, and get lots of views from there as well as traffic from subscribers, tons of yahoo and google searches, and from our groupies.  Yes, we have groupies.

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