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I received this email today, "Thank you for such an amazing year, it was fabulous to have you as my teacher. I know it was a challenging year but you helped me build confidence, get over my fears and just do my best. You are the best English teacher I have had."  THIS is why I teach.  Not for the emails of praise, but because I was able to take a scared and insecure 14 year old, help her gain confidence, and watch her succeed. 

I got to watch this same experience this year as a parent.  My son went into his final year of preschool with a lot of anger, insecurity, and a severe lack of motivation.  His teacher would have none of it.  With praise and tough love and a ton of humor, she transformed my son into a confident, able, skilled boy who discovered his own amazing sense of humor and many interests.  I will be eternally grateful to her as he moves through the rest of his education-she has set the foundation and it is a strong one. 

Do you have a favorite teacher memory?  If we think back, some of the most memorable people in our lives taught us something, whether in the traditional classroom or just in everyday life.  In this day and age, though, reaching this technically saavy kids can be hard.  Eight years ago, my department was given some money that was beyond our normal video and resource book money.  When asked what we could use the money for, I knew exactly what I wanted-a SMARTboard.  Those next few years, my teaching was challenged in new ways…I was reaching students who normally would have passed the time in apathy.  They were fascinated by the uses of this "touch screen" and all the ways we could use it.  Don't know what this technology is all about?  Check out this link to the "Magical Classroom" -you'll be amazed!

The people at SMARTboard revolutionized the classroom for educators and students.  Now, they want to honor those who work so hard everyday in the classroom.  They have a Facebook page where you can join discussion groups and learn tips on how to raise funds so that your school can get its own SMARTboard.  AND, once you join the group, you can enter to win a SMARTboard-this would be an amazing item to win!!! 

TKDDaughter gives SMARTboard Love of Learning a:


This post was written as a part of a MomCentral blog tour.

McAfee Family Protection

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In the world we live in, danger is all around us.  In the "good ol' days," you could shut out the bad things when you closed your front door…now, danger follows us right in and makes itself at home.  This poses an extra problem for parents whose children use the computer.  McAfee Family Protection software aims to help curb some of a parent's fears on keeping their kids safe.

What I like about the software is the many features that focus on monitoring computer usage…I have found that you can filter all you want, some sites still get through the cracks…this way, I can see who has been where in case one of those sites sneaks through.  (Although, I have to tell you, nothing bad has gotten through!) 

For you, BBM Review readers, McAfee is offering a discount through August 31, 2009 to save $5 off the McAfee Family Protection.  The promo code is:  5familyprotection.  Take advantage of this great savings while protecting your family!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of McAfee and received a sample to facilitate my candid review.  In addition, McAfee sent me a blanket and care package to thank me for taking the time to participate.

For giving parents some peace of mind while their kids surf the web, TKDDaughter gives McAfee Family Protection:

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