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You're reading this review, so clearly you like blogs. You  might have a blog already, or perhaps you just like to read other people's blogs.  But wouldn't it be awesome to host your own blog?  To have a place to voice your opinions, to share wisdom with others, or just perhaps an embarrassing story about yourself.  Maybe you are looking for a community of like minds for support and encouragement.  Having a blog gives you a place to express yourself and enter an entirely different community. 

After years of badgering, BBM finally got me to start my own blog-but it took a class to get me to do it.  So, because she was teaching the class and I wanted to support her, I took the class.  It was awesome.  It helped me to understand the blog community better and it taught me how to develop a blog not only within the content, but also to build readership and community.  I worked with other talented people wanting to find their voice.  At first, we were shy and a little embarrassed, hesitant to put onto the computer screen what filled our heads.  Slowly, with great leadership and good course content, our skills expanded into the blogs we have today.

If you have ever thought about starting a blog OR you have a blog and need some help with it, I highly recommend you check out  The new class starts now, so hurry and get registered.  You still have time to get in on this class and you won't regret it. 

Now go and get blogging!

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