The Banana Splits

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I was at lunch the other day with my friend and my goddaughter.  I mentioned that I was reviewing a new show for this site, casually mentioning the show’s name.  "The Banana Splits?!" shrieked my friend.  "I LOVE the Banana Splits."  Uh, yeah, never heard of them myself. 

I came home and asked the husband if he knew them…of course he did.  Apparently, I was the only kid born in the early 70’s who did not see re-runs of this popular 60’s show.  Do you know of them? 

If you do know the 60’s show, you will be delighted to hear that The Banana Splits are coming back to television starting on September 2nd.  The main characters are -Fleegle, a dog, Drooper, a lion, Bingo, a gorilla, and Snorky, an elephant.  These costumed characters play catchy music and tell lots of jokes perfect for that preschooler through early elementary aged child. 

Better yet, The Banana Splits have joined the technological world and have launched their own website .  Before I even had a chance to check it out, I busted my husband watching music videos and playing games with our four year old nowhere in sight.  Of course, I made fun of him, but later, I spent some time on there myself.  It’s pretty cute! 

I think The Banana Splits are going to entertain this new generation for many years.  With so many parents who already have heard of them (except of course me who was raised under a rock…), this show has a great chance of making it big.  Do I smell a product line at toy stores? 

For wholesome quality and a chance to reminisce your own childhood, I give The Banana Splits a:

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