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At the end of last school year, I made the decision to do a "Mama school" for my son. I knew that if he wasn't challenged during the summer, he would lose some of the skills that he had so painstakingly learned in preschool.  Together we chose topics that interest with him and I spent oodles of hours prepping preschool lessons for us to do.   As I prepared these lessons, I realized that most of them dealt in some way with science. 

I am definitely a "humanities" kind of girl so this science thing is a challenge for me, but I love the fact that my little guy has such an interest in it.  Recently we discovered a magazine that is perfect-it's called Mad Science KNOW Magazine.  The magazine is colorful, informative, and most importantly, age-appropriate-for kids ages 6-9.  My son is a huge fan of experiments and the magazine contains easy experiments with colorful pictures.  You can check out the website here.

If you have a 6-9 year old with an interest in science OR you have a child who you want to instill a love of science, you will love this magazine published every other month.  It's fun learning, but shhhh!!  Don't tell your kids there is learning involved!

TKDDaughter gives the KNOW Magazine:

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