November 29, 2010

The Total Transformation Program

The Total Transformation Program by James Lehman MSW is described as "a parent's program for managing challenging behaviors in children." I was asked to review it quite a while ago and when I got it, it was simply bad timing. We were busy and our family was going through a lot. Also, my kids are described as "angels" by anyone who knows them, pretty much, so it wasn't a huge priority for me.

However, with the 4th grade comes all kinds of new challenges and I recently decided it would be worth my while to review this program already and see if it's all it is supposed to be and more.

I'll be up front about this: my kids are really well behaved and we don't have a ton of problems. My daughter is a straight A student and her teachers pretty much want to adopt her. However, we do struggle with some new found independence and talking back issues lately. So I dug into the program and went through the first two sections. 

Like a reading program I did with my daughters years ago, the best part about this program is that it is as much a behavior management program for children as it is for parents. I learned a lot about the type of parent I am and the way I react to certain situations. It's not one of those programs that blames you for how you parent and tells you that you alone are responsible for when your child rolls her eyes at you. It simply lays it all out there and makes you go, "Hmm, yeah, that is me." 

In addition to telling you the type of parent you are, it also tells you how each individual parenting type can change for the better. It's not a magical program where results are seen overnight. However, it's food for thought and if you put the effort into changing your behavior and eliminating behaviors in your child that are not becoming, I have no doubt it will work quite well. 

The program also helps you figure out your own kid and how they react to certain situations. Of the many types, it was easy to peg my child and understand why she acts the way she does. These discoveries, by the way, happened with me spending about one hour with the program. 

I quickly realized that much of what my daughter does, when I'm discussing something with her, is try to distract me from the real issue and draw attention away from whatever she has done wrong. In less than an hour, I learned a technique to deal with it and was able to apply it instantly. The results were pretty fantastic. Instead of talking back like she usually does, she stopped talking and thought about her behavior. Then she apologized and the issue was over. 

Keep in mind that this was just with me doing the quick start-up portion of the program. There are techniques and weeks worth of material to review and learn from; and the program offers something for every parenting type of type of kid (serious diagnosed behavior problems or just your run of the mill childhood rebellion). 

Currently, The Total Transformation Program is offering some excellent specials where you can get the program for absolutely nothing. If you are struggling with behavior problems and want a more peaceful house, I strongly recommend you give this a try. The best part about the program is that no matter what the age of your child, there is help out there for you. 

With exactly one hour of time spent reading, learning and watching a video, my house has certainly become a little more peaceful. I bet yours would too. 

The Total Transformation Program comes with a workbook, a DVD and many audio Cd's to help you on your path to greater understanding with your child. Click over to their website and check it out for yourself. This is one review blogger who thinks it is totally worth it.

BBM gives The Total Transformation Program a…

BBMReview Brown Belt Award

In order to complete the review, The Total Transformation Program was provided to me free of charge from The Legacy Publishing Group. No additional compensation was provided. 

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